Sh*t is f*cked. That’s what the current global situation regarding plastic should be summarized to. With this project, we’re trying to do our part about it.



The matter is complex, in fact, probably too complex to be fully understood by anyone but experts. If you’d like to expand your knowledge, we suggest to start here, and here. This is a quick summary of the situation:


We have designed and built a set of small-scale recycling machines to support decentralized recycling structures, both in industrial production facilities and regional recycling centres.


By shredding and pelletizing the material at the source, the material value can be increased from 150$/t up to 900$/t - that's factor six! In our eyes, that's a very strong incentive to handle wasted materials correctly. 


In addition, the transport of the processed material to the next factory is more efficient, because less air gets moved around. More money saved, as well as carbon emissions!


By analyzing data from our machines, we can generate insights about the amounts and types of plastic processed on every machine. We can also predict machine breakdown, upload user-specific temperature profiles to the extruder etc.


After sorting and washing, this is the first step in the plastic recycling process where a machine comes in really handy. We've designed and built a portable shredder that can process up to 20kg an hour, depending on the input material.


capacity: up to 200kg/day
powerdraw: 2.5kW @ 230V
size: 60x80x60cm
weight: 70kg

price: 3000€


In the extruder, the shredded flakes are melted. At the hot end, the continous outflow is chopped into tiny pieces. Voila: recyling pellets! This step drastically increases transport efficiency and value of the material.

note: currently under development with Fraunhofer Institute


capacity: up to 200kg/day
powerdraw: 1.6kW @ 230V
size: 85x22x60cm
weight: 32kg
features: preset temperatures for each type of plastic, IOT connected

price: tba


The last step in the recycling cycle is the creation of a new product. Our manually operated injection machine can produce plastic objects from sunglasses to iPhone cases to household appliances and more.


shot size: up to 140g
pressure: 98bar
power draw: 0.8kW @ 230V
size: 60x80x60cm
weight: 50kg

price: 2000€

This is how it all started – the now internet-famous “recycle on the spot V1”. Largely based on the open source plans from Precious Plastics,  it features an injection machine and a shredder, all packable into a 60x60x60cm flightcase. We took it around to various public events (e.g. fusion festival, re:publica, Umweltfestival Berlin) and even on a roadtrip through France, Spain and Morocco. 

With this one we learned how great the educational value of this small and mobile recycling machine is. We held many workshops and even a full semester class with the design students at FH Potsdam, tackling various aspects of circular economy and the role of plastic recycling.

But we also realized that due to it’s limited capacities this machine was not a viable solution to the global plastic pollution. So we were more than excited to take it a couple of steps further!