Sometimes, we just enjoy tinkering. So when Moritz stumbled upon the open source plans for a plastic extruder by Dave Hakkens from Precious Plastics, we had to build one!  Mere copy-&-paste is against our ethics.  Instead, we added a bit of functionality and funkiness to it!

We quickly understood that this project is a huge communicator so, we made it portable. It all fits into the yellow flightcase and can easily be shipped to any location.  We’ve worked with several public events (e.g. fusion festival, re:publica, Umweltfestival Berlin) raising awareness about one of the biggest environmental challenges mankind has to tackle in the next decades – plastic trash! With our project, we encouraged visitors to collect plastic from the festival grounds, put it in our shredder, and experience first hand what a valuable resource this trash really is.

But for us, the machine is a great design tool too!  Machining an injection mold is relatively easy. Voila! We can start a production run of something we just come up with using our own trash.  How cool is that?!

To wrap things up – in case you are as stoked as we are about this project, be in touch to borrow our machine or better yet let us build one for you!