We create furniture every now and then just to keep our tools sharp. Most of the objects are ready for production, but at the moment none are actually in stock – we are not a furniture brand. If you’d love to see these pieces produced, or just want a single piece for yourself, be in touch!

zehn° – a contemporary interpretation of the cottage style table. 140 x 90 x 74cm

pioneer – a desktop light that can be adjusted to varius positions and even flat-packed. CNC milled oak with LED.

homegrown – a table made from hemp fibres over a cardboard core with biopolymer resin. The frame is made of locally sourced oak wood.

kleinholz – a coffee table, big enough for the essentials, but small enough to not get cluttered.

tyvek hocker – a stool made from oak with a tyvek seat.

gacea – a luminaire made from oak, using traditional boatbuilding techniques. 110cm in diameter and only 20mm thick, it creates a calming fix-point in space.

*stool and sidetable by lignet roset