Hi there! We’re a nomadic industrial design studio focused on sustainability and circularity. Our current base is Berlin.

We work closely with our clients. Our aim is to tailor a design process specifically for each project. We offer:

Design Research

The more you know, the better the results will be. We conduct market research, user testings and literature research to ensure a relevant outcome.  


We gather all stakeholders on one table to discuss your project from multiple angles using various design methodologies. A common sense of ownership is a logical side effect.

Concept Creation

In a series of quick sprint sessions, alternated by feedback meetings with the client, we create a number of design concepts and iterations. 


From quick volume models to rapid prototyping and detailed mockups – we believe that a concept needs to be validated and tested during the different stages of the design process.


We elaborate the final design in great detail until it is production ready. That includes CAD files as well as technical drawings. If desired, we also accompany the client throughout the production process.


We enjoy to pass our knowledge on, be it in talks, panel discussions, workshops or university projects. Interested? Let us know!

Let’s collaborate:  contact us!

We also like to look at inspiring portfolios, so don’t hesitate to send them over!